Setup a New Device

If you’re struggling with the installation of your new device, don’t worry, this guide will help you to overcome this issue. To begin, launch the Google Home app on your iPhone and ensure that both your phone and TV are connected to the same WIFI network.

After turning on your Chromecast device, proceed to set it up as a new device through the Google Home app. Select Chromecast from the available devices list and follow the official setup steps provided by the app to complete the process.

Once the device has been successfully set up, the app will automatically detect it and display it in the available devices list.

To troubleshoot your Chromecast device, start by unplugging the power source from the TV for 60 seconds. After waiting for a minute, plug the cord back in, which will initiate a reboot sequence for the device. Next, try to add the device again in the Google Home app. If the process is not successful, attempt to reboot the device manually by pressing and holding the button on the side of the TV until the LED starts blinking orange. Keep holding the button until the light turns white, at which point the Chromecast will start the reboot sequence.

In case your TV is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will need to perform a factory reset. However, if your TV is connected to a Wi-Fi network, open the Google Home app, and select your device. Proceed to tap on the “Device Information” option and then select “WiFi.” Finally, click on “Forget this network” to disconnect your TV from the current Wi-Fi network.